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Samsung Galaxy Note then the best Samsung phone has yet to come. It ‘sits not the Galaxy fold or even the Galaxy Note. Then something hidden something secret is coming our way before we talk about that let’s discuss everything regarding the Galaxy Note 10 some fascinating stuff.

We just making this phone a pretty good upgrade compared to the previous generations and also compared to the s10 family is going to have some pretty special unique features to stand out so far we know the screen sizes for the note Denny and the note ten pros.Samsung best app is Samsung Push Service.

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We also see the battery information as well as the design Samsung chain that is coming indeed we have the vertical quad camera set up towards. The back and for the first time, the whole on the galaxy note and family is expected to be towards. The middle as well as smaller than, the Galaxy S 10 family as more leaks are coming out the record 10 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Definitely looking like a real upgrade I assume you were straight out saying that there will be a particular remote control application beginning with the Galaxy Note then if you don’t know the Vincey is actually the codename for the note 10 families if you guys remember the note 9 we get the new S Pen that has this Bluetooth functionality.

 We’re able to control certain functions, for example, taking a selfie by using the button. That is on the S Pen, but with the Galaxy Note then this functionality will be even more expanded thanks to the new addition of the remote control application but definitely to hear more about it soon and since the note nine also rocked this Bluetooth powered s-pen.

We might see this remote control application coming to the older generation as well. The crazy news of them all is the camera gains no 10 Pro is Pro for a particular reason despite from Huawei p30 Pro the note 10 Pro could have a killer five times optical zoom in addition to its already wide ultra wide and dust sensor the five times optical zoom setup will make things killer.

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I’ve used this first hand on my hobby p30 Pro it does complete the whole camera. Game on the phone they’re both from Korea is spilling the beans Samsung electro-mechanics. SEM has developed a 5x periscope zoom camera module, and it’s ready to go into mass production just in time for the Galaxy Note and family highly expected that this could end up on the no 10 Pro model is only five millimeters thin compared to the regular six-millimeter compact telephoto lens.

That we see on the galaxy stone family that only does 2x magnification five times lossless optical zoom will going to change. The game and I’m sure you’ll be able to zoom up to 10x using this software support as you can see in these examples. How close you can get into the subject without actually losing detail, you guys already know what p30 pro was able to achieve using this killer zoom, so this indeed opens a new way to take photos you can make clear pictures while standing far away from the actual subject using this original 5x zoom.

It’s further explaining the article that Samsung used a light reflection from a prism inside the module similar to the Huawei SP 30 Pro and the Oppo Renault 10x, and this system is capable of doing a full 5x zoom without any loss of quality was terrific.

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This is an absolute must thing to do because the iPhone 11 max is coming later down the year will have a wide-angle lens but will definitely not going to have a 5x or 10x zoom so Samsung bringing this crazy zoom already to the no 10 Pro will definitely bring company your head compared to the Apple’s latest flagship from this year now the new zoom said.

I will probably be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 10-person cenote end version or the note, and you might only have just three cameras similar to the s10 family or two cameras identical to the galaxy s 10 e we’re not exactly sure about the details on the smaller model.

The pro is the one that is going to be the most powerful and most advanced sampling phone ever made. The note that proves every looking exciting. There’s something even more incredible coming our way from Samsung that is in known galaxy s/nongalaxy note phone and outcomes. The rumored Samsung Galaxy s7 TS according to e two news the universe s7 TS could rock is 64-megapixel camera yes is a single 64-megapixel sensor making this phone the highest camera resolution phone on the market the SNES is going to be a mid-range phone as you have seen. The Galaxy AAT the Samsung likes to experiment with the lineup so again a crazy experiment.

You can say coming with the galaxy SMEs, and hopefully, something like this will move towards the galaxy s 11 of course. We’re not going to see this on the note and family this giant Samsung ISO cell GW 164. The sensor was successfully made a couple of days ago and supposed real-time HDR ball with perfect light optimization. The sensor also uses super phase detection autofocus technology for faster autofocus and of course, 4k video recording and slow-mo at 1080p at 480 frames per second buying the right software optimization this one can bring the mid-range Samsung camera game do the next level again.

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This 64 missile camera will pan out against the Google pixel 3a which is currently the best camera for photos on a smartphone, not just mid-range not just flat shape it has the same sensor as the pixel 3. I’m excited to see what this sensor can bring to the table compared to that it’s all in the software you know Samsung has excellent innovations when it comes to the camera hardware, but Google takes the cake when it comes to its HDR processing.

I mean there still are the best when it comes to even photos of course. Samsung offers the complete package you get the ultra wide-angle lens you get so much on Samsung camera setup. I can’t wait to see what this 64 Mixel camera sensor will bring to the table. That’s all we have on the latest Samsung news the note ten pros are looking stronger and stronger with every league now. Killer zoom setup is ultimately putting things to his place with Huawei currently dealing with all of its problems the no ten pros could get a massive benefit from what’s now happening with Hua ways.

The galaxy s7 es is a surprise 64 missile sensor Samsung is not settling down they want to explore their options and their power as much as they can, and it’s just looking fascinating.

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